Yo, Here you see some nice Pics from the LoveX concert at Zürich /Dynamo. And at the End of this Side, you will find a small video of the Concert with "halfway"

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it was so awesome *_*

- Juke shortly after a song. A wonder: It's water and no beer xD

- And again! But this time, it is beer xD.. Or better, he's searching for beer xD

- Theon singing "remorse" and ca 200 people singing with him

- Yeah babe, here I am! He's looking at my Cam! Can I be proud now?!

- Theon ja Vivian! Moah two hot Boys on one Spot *_*

- OMG! Give me some fresh air.... This Guy is.. awesome xD

- Theon is singing. But I don't know at the moment which song it was ... But I love this Pic

- I think that he's singing one part of "Anyone Anymore" here...

- Vivi  is jumping around.. That's a snapshot xD

- Damn.. I like this Guy more and more xD

- awww, he is laughing! that's so cute!

Setlist: (I don't remember all... so.. forgive me xD And it is not the right sequence either)

~ Halfway
~ Remorse
~ Anyone Anymore
~ Love & Lust
~ No name Song (he gaves it a name, but at this moment I was trying to get a good photo of Julian xD)
~ Shout
~ Die a little more
~ Runaway (Cover from Bon Jovi)
~ Bullet for the Pain

* Songs from the New Album which should release in 2008

Encore was:

~ Yours
~ Larger than Live (Cover from BSB)
~ Guardian Angel

Yeah.. "Halfway" It's not the whole song.. I'm sorry.. But I think you'll hear how great it was!


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