I've got a pocket full of sunshine

Date: March 23rd 2012 | Song: Natasha Bedingfield - pocket full of sunshine


It's spring, it's warm outside and I am ill. Well, it does not stop me from working on my term paper (I have to finish it till next week --° or seeing my friends (or go to the cinema)... but actually I would like to hide myself under my sheets in a dark room, in complete silence and eating painkillers... which I don't do anyway. well except for the painkiller. Hell I need some.

It's Chevy tonight, a nice american Diner, which is also one of my lovely places. Before that, my babyangel and I will take care of our Schedule for university and enjoy the nice weather. 

A few weeks till "Hansepferd" and a few MORE weeks till "Asylum europe 2012" and meeting Jared Padalecki, Marc Pelegrino, Marc Sheppard and the one and only Misha Collins. A pitty that Jensen Ackles is not there too... 

well time to get ready, make chocolate lollipops and eat painkillers.

see ya

23.3.12 10:46

She's my cherry pie, a cool drink of water such a sweet surprise..

Date: Jan 14th 2012 | Music: Warrant - Cherry pie | Mood: alive


OMC, long time no see and I guess no one is reading this anymore. Who cares? I want to start my Blog here again. Just to have something next to my 2nd blog. 

jeez... still at university... still asking myself all the time if I do the right thing. But I need a good education so I need my university. It's okay... it's a bit stressful, and I ask myself if I can do that. If I can do it in the time I have. 

I still have my own little flat and I'm happy about it. very happy. I love my little flat and yeah... I'm in love with it.


Dunno what else to tell.

14.1.12 17:41

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