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Jan 19th 2011 | Brick by boring brick - Paramore | happy ^-^ 


hey People!

Guess what?! Naana is going Area 4 Festival this summer! With a few friends. This is will be a huge fun!

tomorrow I'wll have 10 hours of university, than a nice decent weekend with meeting friends, studying for university and chilling a bit.

Was in cinema yesterday, watched "Love & other drugs" with hottie Jake Gyllenhaal.

There are scenes.... O.o.... holy.... I like him more or less naked xDDD

Ah, something else:
I wanted to do this weeks ago *cough* but yeaaaa~h
Anyway xD I do it know:

www.echelonflashmob.org <- click it, register and learn the dance!

see ya

19.1.11 20:04

Brother and Sisters - it's time to go to war

Jan. 15th 2011 | Vox Pupuli by 30 seconds to mars | feeling good


Hey, folks...
I now, long time no see... But I had a lot to do the week... Time for the exams at university and so on.

Question: Why did I post this picture, which I found in a friends photoalbum from Facebook?

Answer: It tells what I feel. I am a Fan of lot of Bands... but no Band before gave me this feeling of being "Home". I never found so great people around a band. People who respect each other and help you... people who have the same dreams and goals like you. People who are sharing everything they have. I'm proud to be a part of this family. I'm proud of being an ECHELON!

I just had to say that...

uhm... ohhho my mom send me a packet with drnking chocolate and fondue-chocolate <3 thx mom.  and some Lunch for the next two days xDDD

okay I wanted to make a "Lord of the Rings" evening yesterday... doesn't worked xD Now, I will do it tonight.

Right now, I got some private problems... I told my BFF but since now, she didn't wrote back.. I'm waiting... I need her now... But I have to be patient... Because I know I will get an answer...

#Marshug everybody

15.1.11 12:55

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