Hey Everyone.... I wanna tell you something about this Blog.

When and why do you start your blog? 

It was 2004 when I saw some Homepages who were updated like diaries and I really liked it. So I was looking for a host and found it in myblog.de!

Why Jiyuu?

Jiyuu is the japanese word for Freedom. I'm Sagittarius and a fact of them is that they are libertarian. So am I ^-^

Do you wanna reach people?

Well, in first line, this Blog is for myself. Sometimes I read all entries and think: Did you really wrote this? I know my friends read my blog and I know from some unknown people that they're reading. And if they like to read it, is it okay.

Your first professional layout?

Ohu.... well... Guess it was 2006 when I borrow a Layout from a Page which doesn't exist anymore. My actual layout is from myself and I really like it. I make Layouts also on my own... but I hate coding so I use more or less always the same code with different layouts xD I'm so lazy with HTML

Why english?

Ah, the first two years (I guess xD) I wrote just german. And if you look, sometimes I wrote just english over month and then I start writing german. I like it to wirte english, even if my grammatic is horrible xD Dunno how I could get a B in class.

Are your own Layouts inspired by someone or something?

Uhm... Sometimes. In the moment I like purblecolors. But when "New Moon" was out I got a cool "New Moon" layout. But mostly I just sit in front of my computer, starting Adope Photoshop and be creative.


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